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world . This perspective was quite different from other maps of the time .
In the map , it looks incredibly easy to get from Europe to Asia and the Americas . It ’ s possible these views of the world influenced people ’ s perception and interpretation of the world , helping to make people believe that sea voyages across continents were attainable . Dee himself was an advocate of British exploration . 1 He helped lay the groundwork for several English voyages of exploration and played a role in teaching captains the foundations of mathematical navigation and preparing maps for their journeys .
With maps presenting a view that made it look like people could easily traverse the globe , the British empire did just that . In this instance , the magician ’ s lens on the subtleties of and the importance of perception may have had very real impacts on the trajectory of world events .
The intersections of science , magic , and perception had – and continue to have – a huge role in shaping our world .
A great example of the magician-scientist of the 18th century went by the stage name Comus ( his real name was Nicholas Filip Ledru ). He was an accomplished physicist and a magician , an early advocate of bringing science

21 and magic together , and much of his magic dealt with electricity . He was a professor

1 . General and Rare Memorials Pertayning to the Perfect Arte of Navigation ( 1577 )
Right : Projections and cross-sections allow us to think about how things appear when they are viewed from different perspectives .