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68 or object without their spectator ’ s knowledge that they are being influenced . On the other hand , there are unintentional signals magicians sometimes telegraph to their audience . A magician ’ s technique of secretly palming a card can be perfect and even invisible to a camera . But should the magician feel even a little doubt or guilt and think the spectator saw what they did , the spectator can sense something happened and the magic will be diminished .

Studying and performing magic is one of the best ways to understand these human influences and subtle interactions and can benefit scientists . Are you effectively communicating your thoughts and ideas ? Are you listening to others and picking up on their reactions ? Are you deceiving yourself ?
Who is easier to fool : a ten-year old or a scientist ?
Here is a fun question to ask a kid . If you write down all the numbers from 1 to 100 , how many times does the number 9 appear ? For example , 9 , 19 , 29 , etc . This is an easy question to answer , and you can easily use your fingers to count , so quickly do this now and come to a total before you read on .
Every magician knows that it is much harder to fool a ten-year old kid than an adult . In fact , the “ smarter ” or more “ knowledgeable ” a person is , the easier it is to fool them . But why ? Magic is based on hidden assumptions and conclusions that our minds automatically make . These assumptions are based on knowledge and experiences . For example , sitting down at a dinner table you automatically and without thinking assume the white dish is the same white color on the underside , that it is not attached to the table , that it is ceramic and not painted lead , etc .
Magicians take advantage of these assumptions and strive to make things appear “ ordinary ” when in fact they are gimmicked . The older and “ smarter ” a person becomes , the more knowledge and life experiences they have and the quicker their minds automatically make assumptions . It is very difficult for anybody , including magicians , to look