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Paul Romhany

CONTENTS // February 2024

Kyle Jarrard
A powerhouse entertainer combining a fusion of magic , comedy , music , and a quick southern wit that simply cannot be matched . 08-17
Nick Lewin ' s annual Vanish Valentine Awards given to five deserving artists who have contributed to the world of magic in extraordinary ways .


The cat is out of the bag . I have been awarded the AMA ( Academy of Magical Arts ) award for the 2024 Literary and Media Fellowship . This honour came right out of left field for me as awards are never on my radar . This year I celebrate 13 years of VANISH magic magazine and it truly is a labour of love . I ' d like to thank everybody who has contributed to the magazine and helped make it what it is . I spend several hours a day 7 days a week putting each issue together so be recognised for all this work is truly wonderful . I am looking forward to heading to the awards ceremony in Hollywood in May . My thanks to the Academy for this incredible acknowledgement and honour .
This is another jam packed issue of VANISH as we feature Kyle Jarrard who is a multi-talented artist , and very keen fisherman . It ' s a thrill to have an article in here about The Magnificent Six - a show featuring six incredible performers , an exclusive look at Margaret Steele ' s new book The Great Boomsky , which I think would make an amazing film , and a look at Sean Bogunia ' s new Smart Hanky . Sean is an incredible creator who has given so much to the magic world .
Finally , Nick Lewin awards his yearly VALENTINE awards and all are very deserving of this Vanish award . Nick goes to a lot of trouble to research these awards and he has made excellent choices again .

Paul Romhany

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Sean Bogunia
A creator who has spent an entire life devoted to one effect and continues to take it to new heights .
Margaret Steele
Margaret discusses her upcoming book The Great Boomsky .
The Magnificent Six
Six amazing magicians perform in this unique show recently in Thailand .
FISM - Europe 2024
The one convention you will want to attend this year is FISM EUROPE . Make it a trip of a lifetime .
SPONGE BALLS - relevant ?
Louie Foxx talks about sponge balls and asks if they are outdated and just lazy magic . 52-53
6 FEBRUARY | 2024