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CONTENTS // May 2024

Benjamin Kraatz
Preparing for Fool Us . Find out the work behind getting on to this top rated television show .
Duality Pro Extension
An incredible App that offers something new to the magic world .


It ’ s been a busy month for me with performances of my one-man show in theatres and it ' s been a lot of fun putting these together . The good news is people really want to experience live entertainment after Covid and I am finding things coming back to where they were prior to lockdowns . It has taken a few years , but things are looking up for entertainers .
This issue features two wonderful performers who appeared on Penn & Tellers Fool US show and share their experiences . If you ' ve ever wanted to audition , then these will help guide you for the experience . Both Benjamin Kraatz and Emily Robinson-Hardy performed two very innovative acts .
Connie Boyd looks at an upcoming exhibition in Germany called Magic in The Hands of Women . If you find yourself in Hamburg , I highly recommend checking this out because a lot of work has gone into it .
Finally , this month I will attend the AMA awards and be honoured with the Literary and Media Fellowship . This is such an honour and for my name to be amongst those who have received it in the past is something I would have never thought possible . I will write more in the next issue of Vanish .
Emily Robinson-Hardy
A fresh young face in magic Emily is one of the most talked about performers on Fool Us .
European Champion
Everything you need to know about this convention coming in May 2024
Magic Conventions
Nick Lewin looks at smaller conventions compared to the much larger ones .
Magic in the hands of Women
Connie Boyd looks at an upcoming exhibition in Hamburg Germany .
Illuminati- Mind Scale
The most revolutionary scale ever produced and we get an exclusive look .
Phil Cass Floor Plan
Paul Romhany From Phil ' s feature story we share his floor plan secret to doing a great gig .
4 MAY | 2024