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MENTALISM FROM COPENHAGEN DENNIS HERMANZO “Mr. Dennis Hermanzo’s book really surprised me. I was very happy to see his use of traditional methods in very straight-forward effects that are really worth doing! Dennis explains each routine in nice and direct terms using only the minimal amount of suggested patter sot hat you can get straight to it and learn the material! As a person who has performed most of my life, I like to think I can recognize good work – this is “good work!” You won’t go wrong with this book. It is packed with good usable stage mentalism.” – Richard Osterlind. “I like your approach, nice and direct. is book is the proof that classics can be absolutely modern if used in the right way.” – Luca Volpe Dennis Hermanzo is a European mentalist who has some fresh approaches to routines, both classic and familiar, that make this collection of mentalism routines well worth reading... Jheff (Marketplace of the Mind). $75 special price and free gimmicked blindfold - extended for Vanish Magazine subscriptions! Exclusively available at Stevens Magic Emporium.