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SEPTEMBER 2018 - Edition 50 VANI SH FROM THE EDITOR Internatonal Magic Magazine PUBLISHER Paul Romhany & Joomag EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & DESIGN LAYOUT Paul Romhany COVER DESIGN SEBASTIAN KONOPIX THANK YOU TO Chipper Lowell ASSOCIATE EDITOR / LAYOUT FEATURE Hal Meyers ASSOCIATE EDITOR Nick Lewin ASSOCIATE EDITOR Ben Robinson PUBLIC RELATIONS Romany STAFF WRITERS Chiam Yu Sheng, Louie Foxx, Jeff Christensen, Paul Romhany, Nick Lewin, Jim Sisti, Jason Ladanye, Peter Mennie, Thomas Swieciak, Dameon EDITORIAL SUPPORT EXECUTIVE Hal Meyers, Ben Robinson ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Paul Romhany & Sydnie Anderson CREATIVE DESIGNER & LAYOUT Paul Romhany MARKETING EXECUTIVES Steve Hocevar CIRCULATION & SUBSCRIPTION Harry Morgan ADDRESS 1183 Blind Bogey Drive Qualicum Beach, BC. V9K1E6 CANADA COPYRIGHT All rights reserved. None of this magazine can be reprinted electronically OR in hard form without the permission of the editor. 50TH EDITION T his edition of VANISH celebrates our fiftieth issue. This is a huge achievement and I would like to thank everybody over the past six years who have contributed and helped a long the way. I really couldn't have done it without all my friends in the magic and entertainment industry. On average we reach over 100,000 downloads and these come from around the world, and not just magicians. I know many other show business folks who get a lot from the essays and inside stories as everybody can relate to them. The Criss Angel and Franz Harary Special Editions now have well over 300,000 downloads each. The one thing I am most proud about VANISH is introducing magicians and artists who are on their way up. We were the first magic magazine to feature Shin Lim, Nick Diffatte, Carissa Hendrix to name only a few. These talented magicians are now performing in huge shows and on television around the world. One of my original goals has always been to look outside the box and find artists I think will make their mark on the world stage. Our current feature Anastasia Synn is one such artist. Anastasia is definitely doing something revolutionary in magic and leading the way for a brand new field in our craft. I am fascinated to see where this journey will take her and look forward to revisiting her story in the near future. For me personally the greatest loss in the past six years was my mentor Wayne Rogers. Wayne was instrumental in my career and so it was a privilege to be able to feature him in VANISH as I know he influenced many others around the world. Being able to also do features on my two closest friends Alan Watson and Richard Webster was also a very proud moment for me with VANISH. Over the years contributors have come and gone, but the four who were with me from day one was Nick Lewin, Ben Robinson, Charles Bach and Louie Foxx. All three have been in my corner and never missed a deadline. I am humbled to have such great friends who are talented writers and creators as well as incredible performers. A SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER! In the next month I will be releasing a very special VANISH book - it will be a hard cover book and be limited to ONLY 500 copies. Keep your eyes open in the next VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE or in the e-mail I will send out to those who subscribe. Thank you to you all for your support over the past six years and here's to another FIFTY issues of VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE. Paul Romhany VANISH MAGAZINE 5