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CONTENTS WHAT’S HOT THIS MONTH 64 08 20 08 SEAN WATSON An inspirational journey from a troubled youth to one of Canada’s busiest and hardest working magician. RESPECT IN MAGIC Hal Meyers gives an open and honest opinion on something that seems to be taken in to account for ALL performers. 28 SQUIB IN THE WORLD Felicity Fields continues her look at comedy and how performers are bias towards certain material. 32 ANIMAL SAFETY David Atwood looks at the care and use of the animals magicians use in their shows. An important topic that needs to be made often. 56 50 Need to Entertain Aaron Oneal tackles the need we as performers have to entertain. 56 50 6 NOVEMBER | 2019 Busking In this new series Chris Randall looks at the various aspects of busking. Chris is a regular performer in Las Vegas and asks the important questions.