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Are mind-reading and clairvoyance real ? Or is all just an illusion that can be explained ? In their theater show Anca & Lucca reveal the secrets of mental magic and leave you speechless and amazed nonetheless . The spectators become part of the newest and unsurpassed illusions of mental magic .

It all started with “ Hello !“. This was not only the first word of the first conversation between Anca and Lucca when they first met at a cocktail party . It was also the only one . After Lucca approached Anca with a “ Hello ” and she responded back , he simply smiled and walked away . Nevertheless , he found her again the next day on Facebook and asked her out . Their first date was a rather unusual eight-hour-long walk through the city of Vienna . Six years later , the story of how they met would become the central theme of their mental magic theater show “ Anca & Lucca -The Mind-Reading Revolution ”.

In between those six years Anca would transform from a complete layman of magic into one of the world ’ s most successful female mentalists . Two times FISM Vice-World Champion in 2015 and 2018 , FISM European Champion in 2017 and Nostradamus d ’ Or winner for Europe ’ s Best Mentalist in 2019 with their telepathy act “ The Mind-Reading Revolution ”. Finally , at the FISM World Championships in 2022 , Anca & Lucca won the 1st prize for their new act “ The Ritual ”, in which Anca & Lucca are portraying an ethnic clairvoyant couple that wins the crowds with their moments of self-irony and humor and quickly create the willing suspension of disbelief .
The married couple have been continuously working on improving their methods and presentation to make the act feel like “ the closest thing to real mind-reading the audience can experience ”. This has been one of their goals from the beginning . I had the pleasure to work with them on some projects and what really impressed me about this couple is their incredible precision and perfection in building their acts . They are always trying to push their limits and this is what makes people successful .
Lucca ’ s career began long before he met Anca , but it was only at the age of nineteen that he discovered his love for magic . One year later he already joined the “ Magic Cercle Vienna ”, but for the next decade magic was only a hobby . Following a moment of awakening in 2008 , he sold his oth-
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