Vanish Magic Magazine 106 - Page 14

14 MAY | 2023
lockdowns and was one of the hardest-hit markets .
Anca & Lucca used the time to keep working on their new act and to prepare for FISM 22 in Quebec .
The pandemic also put a halt to their parlour magic show “ The Salon of Wonder ”, one of Austria ’ s longest running magic shows at the prestigious Park Hyatt Vienna .
Anca & Lucca kept performing for corporate events in film studios and otherwise used the time to work together with Jeff McBride on their latest creation , “ The Oracle of Transylvania ”, in which Anca was already acting as an ethnic clairvoyant . It may well be the first fusion of mental magic and dance ever created , and has only been performed publicly twice so far , the second time being at the FISM European Championships in Manresa ( Spain ) in 2021 , where it was awarded with the second prize in mental magic . Many audience and jury members mentioned the magical atmosphere that Anca & Lucca had created with their new characters and staging of a fire camp . This gave them the idea to use the same setting for their original min-reading act , hence “ The Ritual ” was born .
After winning at FISM in summer 2022 with it , they started touring on bigger stages in France , Belgium , Switzerland , Romania , Greece and Italy .
Wherever they perform , they prefer to do so in the local language . They are capa-