Vanish Magic Magazine 106 - Page 15

ble of performing fluently in English , German , Italian , French , Spanish and , of course , Anca ’ s mother tongue Romanian .
I ’ ve been personally involved in their creational processes on some occasions already , as well as having had the pleasure to interview them for various online conventions over the last two years . I ’ ve picked the most interesting Q & As : Luca Volpe : Why did you reveal your method to Teller before your performance . How could you possibly have fooled them ? Lucca : I admit that was a very bold move , but the temptation to become the first fooler revealing the method in advance was too big . Unfortunately , something that never happened before went terribly wrong . Anca received the word “ kumquat ” absolutely correctly , but she didn ’ t know what type of food it was . She was afraid that I had made a mistake by trying to send her something else , so she let me start our thought transmission process again .
For a lay audience it may still go under the radar , but for Penn & Teller it was too much to leave them with a feeling of impossibility behind . It would have been too good , because it was actually Teller himself who inspired me . When I saw his red ball levitation for the first time , it fooled me badly , even though I knew the method .
Luca Volpe : But I know this was not the only thing that didn ’ t work out as planned . Do you want to share this ?
Anca : For time reasons , the network cut
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