Vanish Magic Magazine 106 - Page 18

28 , it all came back .
Lucca : In the beginning , potential awards and competitions were little more than a marketing tool for me . Over the years I ’ ve learned that the qualified feedback of fellow artists and jury members can be the most rewarding part of attending competitions . Apart from that , you never know who is in the audience and may request you for a show a few years later .
Luca Volpe : You see magic as an art form , yet you are also professional entertainers who depend on their commercial success . Do you have to compromise ?
Anca : We have to , but we do not like to . And we are aware this has kept some options off the table for us , so we are working on refining the fine line between respecting our artistic credo and monetizing our art .
Lucca : Absolutely yes . My first magic show was a mixture of reading of a self-written crime story and performing illusions . I was in love with it and the audience liked it too . But it was incredibly hard to sell . But we are still dreaming to establish ourselves well enough so that our fans would even dare to buy tickets for such a show .
Luca Volpe : As this is a magazine for magicians , I know that there are many who would like to start a duo act , but there is not much to learn from these days . Have you ever thought to do consulting for this kind of act and if not , is there any book or technique you can suggest that one can start with ?
Anca : Actually , when developing our method and techniques , I always question whether they are consistent , and have not too many exceptions , so that they could be taught to someone else one day . We keep this in the back of our minds , but for the moment we are only performing it , not lecturing . However , I , as a previous layman , definitely recommend starting with watching videos of different duo acts and taking notes about what one likes , what one would want to improve and what one would definitely want
18 MAY | 2023