Vanish Magic Magazine 90 - Page 14

I asked Anchal what she would suggest to someone starting in magic . She explained , “ when you start and you learn existing material , try to add your own personal touch , either in the method or the presentation . This will help you to develop your own creativity and performance style . Also , I would suggest to master a few effects well , to perform them better than anyone else in the world , rather than learning hundreds of effects , but not performing them well .”
That sage advice worked in Anchal ’ s favour during her recent appearance on Penn & Teller Fool Us , Season 8 . As a result of Magical Women ’ s Instagram casting notice for the show series , Anchal submitted her magic and her performance was selected by the producers for the show .


Anchal charmed the duo with her personalized performance interpretation of a stretching illusion
Recorded virtually from India , Anchal charmed the duo with her personalized performance interpretation of a stretching illusion . To quote Penn Jillette , “ what a great act !” Using provers such as , signing the face and hand and an Indian themed staging presentation which included a live monkey , Anchal ’ s Stretcher Illusion performance was distinctive and unique . Although she didn ’ t fool the duo , Anchal ’ s powerful positivity , performance skills and stellar smile captivated and delighted the duo and the viewers .
Anchal ’ s long term goal is to gain accreditation for Magic as a Fine Art by the Government of India , perhaps mirroring “ Le Double Fond ” in France and their accreditation achievement . With accreditation in India magicians would benefit financially and artistically , as with other recognized art forms such as dance and cinema . She hopes to create a magic academy for generations of magicians in the future to provide proper magic guidance and training .
In her own words , “ sadly , in my country , a lot of magic is copied from the west . I would like to see more originality and to encourage young performers to be more creative with the magical arts . I believe Indians are so talented , I ’ d like to see magic develop into more than just tricks , to tell a story and improve the presentations within the Indian culture and magic scene .”
14 JANUARY | 2022