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Anchal ’ s greatest achievement and “ the magic I am most proud of to date ” occurred on November 23 , 2014 when she defied death by performing a very dangerous “ Great Fire Act ” which was awarded the LIMCA “ National Indian Record Certification ”, in the Indian Book of Records in 2016 .
The daring escape was presented in front of a live audience which included respected leaders and government officials . Anchal was tightly secured
with 100 feet of chain wrapped around her body and held into place with 100 locks . She entered a solid wooden box with holes for her hands to be locked outside the box , to be visible to the public . The metal frame of the box was then welded shut and raised by crane and suspended 100 feet above an ancient funeral pyre . The box was lowered into the large pyre which was ignited into a blazing haystack bonfire , the visual was terrifying . After an uncomfortable , nerve-wracking wait , Anchal emerged ,
running through the roaring flames unscathed . Her hands seemed to be burning with fire and it was riveting escapology which earned her further celebrity status and credibility .
Anchal ’ s resume and credits are extensive , she appears regularly on television and film in India . She ’ s starred internationally in shows such as “ Asia ’ s Got Talent ”, Singapore , " Masterpiece-2017 " by ' Living Talent '. In Dubai . She represents and has been awarded by groups such as
“ International Women Empowerment ” and “ Women of the Future ”.
On August 28th , 2021 she received the “ Youth Icon Award-2021 ” for extraordinary achievements in the field of magic by Trinetra Film Productions and Shakti Film Productions in Jaipur , India ."
Anchal ’ s ambitions include grand visions for magic and herself . She remains humble despite her fame ,
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