Vanish magic magazine 94 - Page 20

Nureyev ( the ballet dancer ).
It ’ s about dedication . Picasso said that were he bound , put in a padded room , he ’ d spit on the wall and paint with his tongue . Chagall offered he ’ d paint his way out of a concentration camp . Nureyev dramatically outran his bodyguards in an airport to seek asylum in Paris , defecting from , and embarrassing , his native Russia ( losing the historic ballet star ).
In each the artists : A ) had uncommon vision , B ) were fully committed ; and C ) backed their vision with sheer will power . This is the recipe for those who encounter wonder . Because , this formulae results in ego nourished and environment nurtured . Ms . Thomas related learning emergency medical technique also aided those she photographed ; mentioning how simple holding a crying mother ’ s hand was . She ’ s not a saint . She ’ s a consummate professional .
Claire Thomas rode on horseback in the Altai region of Mongolia with the Kazakh eagle hunters , gaining acceptance as an outsider , merits attention for the fantastic delivered . I know people who ’ ve burst into tears seeing her photography . Great beauty summons emotion .
Many patrons at her pre-opening party mentioned desiring contact with Ms . Thomas ’ images ( printed expertly by PICTO of New York and Paris ). Two buyers realized they had bought exactly the same photo in the same size and sensed “ Claire Thomas magic ” afoot . Head-shaking recognition inspired others to join ; accomplish ; quietly conquer with compassion and empathy .
What was her personal code ? How had she done it ? If you dream to travel as professional photographer or magician , both encompass using tools to make a living in real time . Living up to being “ world-class ” reminds those in pursuit of artistic excellence that developed talent is the result of persistent frustration , perspiration , and inspiration . It doesn ’ t happen any other way . Ms . Thomas ’ work proves this . Victims of war , injured , maimed and tormented cry out ; especially in death .
John Towsen remarks artists must educate ; cross-pollinate arts . The wondrous surrounds us . Experiencing wonder artfully in one medium can inspire others .
Claire Thomas has more to do . When viewing Buddhist imagery ( from
Nepal ), showing glorious silken prayer flags , she exclaimed , smiling broadly , “ I just saw that and I think ‘ Oh ! I must get there .’ ” Ms . Thomas delivers . Such “ delivery ” results from not fearing failure , embracing change and realizing you do what you are . We laughed , our credo was similar . Careers entered , unknowing we were not supposed to be doing what we did ! “ I really did not know what I was doing until my 30s . I was back packing around the world . Buying a car here and there . Doing jobs just to make money and move on . Once I saw a way to apply photography to my lifestyle , things fell into place .”
Combat photographer , adventurer , Claire Thomas embodies the will to succeed and has now risen to the top of her profession . Her team . Her rules . Wondrous .
20 MAY | 2022