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Fay with Princess Diana With Tony Blair
Entertaining Richard Quest Entertaining Joanna Lumley and guests
off in London and the “ small tricks ” were getting Fay invited to a lot of parties . The guests were applauding and Fay wondered if they were being entertained , “ might they pay ”? In 1983 , Arturo Brachetti starred in a show called “ Y ” at the Piccadilly Theatre in London . The theatre was turned into a vibrant French Night Club with dinner dining , dancing and a floor show . It was a huge departure from the typical “ West End ” performances .
Through her friends and connections Fay was able to get and share complimentary tickets . Suddenly she became very popular with the magicians in London who were desperate to see Arturo FLY !
After the floor show , the space was converted to a dance floor with live jazz music . Fay suggested to management that magic might be “ just the trick ” to keep patrons entertained , engaged and in the venue while the transition occurred . Fay secured her first commercial booking for the sum of thirty pounds a night . Burnt and restored napkin , a classic card trick and a simple rope routine were part of Fay ’ s repertoire and Fay ’ s career and start as a “ table hopping magician ” was born .
Unfortunately , it didn ’ t last , a senior manager decided , “ magicians should be men ”! Fay was devastated to be “ let go ”, despite her success . This didn ’ t sit well with her entertainment dancer friends who suggested she approach “ the Gaslight Club ”. Unbeknownst to Fay the “ Gaslight ” was a notorious clip joint which offered exotic dancing and drinks with “ the girls ” at exorbitant prices . The “ clippers ” loved Fay and her magic . The “ girls ” were happy for a break from the groping men and the tips were fantastic . Fay earned more in a night , than a week ’ s pay behind the wheel of the company van .
Management tracked Fay ’ s successes and seeing an opportunity to earn additional income asked Fay to pay “ rent ” to perform at their club and with that greed Fay concluded her performances there .
With solid magic and people skills in place , Fay ’ s career soared to greater heights when she secured the Hippodrome residency . She hasn ’ t forgotten her roots , her achievements and her journey . She continues to perform in heels with great attention to her audience , minute details and her appearance . Perhaps it was Fay ’ s late start in entertainment that provided unprecedented opportunities , that she initiated and that others had overlooked . Fay Presto has lived a true , rags to riches story that inspires pursuing your dreams , following and creating your own path and not necessarily the road most travelled .
Favourite Quote :
“ By the time you get your head together your ass has gone south ” - Unknown
Favourite Photo :
“ I have two , they are a “ before and after ”. The first , on the stairs , is the magic image I created for myself , the second is a more polished professional look , after I have been “ styled ”. The shoes are Charles Jourdan , the fishnets have been replaced with stockings , I ’ ve lost the top hat & have a proper hair style , my nails are manicured and the quality and cut of the second-hand jacket is “ high-end ”.
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