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CONTENTS WHAT’S HOT THIS EDITION 20 04 06 04 DAngerfest Welcome to the wonderful world of knife throwing. Art. Combat technic and martial art. You are about to meet some of the leading lions in this parade. knife throwing It’s ancient. Athletic. Mindful, Artful, “Killah on toast” say they. Jump in and have a bash. 06 falling backwards One writer’s odyssey to find out what happens when you pick up a piece of steel crafted in a certain way and learn the basics of using it as a projectile. 15 FullTangClan Knife throwing is a language, a sport and an art. Parity. Perfection. Excellence = FULLTANGCLAN. Men and women who “deliver.” 06 17 famous films Knife throwing is a fav in film, you can bet on it. Here are just a sampling of famous knifer and knives thrown. 20 15 2 SPECIAL | 2020 interviews Meet the best. Learn the history. Seek perfection. Rejoice in the amazing personalities involved in what one day in the near future will be more common than it is now.